All the flavour and character one could wish for

Cradled against the magnificent backdrop of the Brokenback Range, the Mount View wine region is located two hours north of Sydney. With a distinctive combination of soil, nutrients and a local micro climate, the vineyards have a unique "terroir” of flavour and character.

With its rich dark red soil, the land was originally used for grazing cattle. The first vineyards were planted in the 1860s. New plantings commenced in the 1960s and are continuing to expand. Most of the vineyards are on the slopes and the foothills of the Brokenback Range between Mt View and Mt Bright and are approximately 100-200 metres above sea level.

Winters are mild and summers are hot to very hot and humid. 70% of the rain falls between October and March with the highest rainfall often prior to and during harvest.

The atmosphere of Mount View is quite different from other wine growing areas of the Hunter Valley with the vines being greener, lusher and more vigorous and the roadside flowers blooming more profusely and brightly.

The quality of the fruit is exemplary. It has all the flavour and varietal character one could wish for. With limited production and attention to detail, wineries such as Petersons, Briar Ridge, Farrell's, Mt View Estate, Jackson's Hill and Talavera Grove are producing premium award winning wines.